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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!!


Happy Easter 2017!

HappyEaster copy

Today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, Jesus!

The Mustard Seed Life has also created a little animation for this day! We hope you enjoy!



Poll: Is this a real clip?

We are having a poll, and would like to know what you think!

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That’s it! The poll will last 8 weeks from May 12, 2017 to July 7, 2017

Now for the poll question.

Is this a real clip or is it 3D animated? Think hard, because we have some experience with 3D animating. Just check out the preview for our first major-motion 3D animated film “The Life of Moses“!

Tip: You can click on the image for a closer view!


ANY participants in this poll will get early access to our new 3D animated short one day before it is released to the public!




Q: If I say “Yes” for the poll, what does that mean?

A: “Yes” means you believe the clip to be real, while “No” means you say it’s not real


Q: If I say “Yes” and the answer to the poll is “No” or if I say “No” and the answer is “Yes”, do I still get early access to the short?

A: Of course! ANY participants get early access, which makes this poll so awesome!

Preview:The Life of Moses



We hope you enjoyed our preview. You will be glad to know that this movie will be 100% accurate to the Bible, while also being kid-friendly. If you would like to be notified when our movie is released, please subscribe to our email list on the right.


Want coloring pages?


Questions and Answers


Q: Will this movie be kid-friendly?

A: Yes.


Q: When will this movie be released?

A: We are not exactly sure when it will be released. If you subscribe to our email list, you will be notified when the movie is released.


Q: What language will this movie be in?

A: This movie will be in English, but we may eventually add subtitles for other languages.


Q: Why another Moses movie? Why not Genesis first?

A: As a young child, my favorite part of the Bible was the part about Moses, mainly the book of "Exodus", and what was better than a movie about what I liked most? However, as I and my family's faith and relationship with God became stronger and closer, we began to realize how many things are inaccurate in films about Moses.


Q: What does accurate to the Bible mean?

A: Accurate to the Bible means that the movie will not contradict the Bible.

Science: The Basics

What is Science?

Science is (in a broad scope) the study of biology, chemistry, astronomy, DNA and genetics, physics, and mechanics(such as machines). In science, if you want to scientifically prove something you must use the scientific method. Please remember that the definition of “prove” in this article will be “proving with the scientific method”. Now that we have the definition of science down, we can move on.

Evolution vs. Creation

Most popular scientists are evolutionists. In almost any case, never accept anything as fact without looking into it first. Please apply this especially when it comes to Biblical principles. If you have been/are in a non-Christian school, you know that they teach evolution as fact. This is not true, in fact Evolution is theory, and cannot be proved by the scientific method(Neither can Creation be proved by the scientific method, but as said in Psalms 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”)

And to put the cherry on top, Evolution breaks many laws of science. Examples of a law in science that you should be very familiar with that Evolution breaks is:

“Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy:Neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed but they can be changed from one form to the other.”

Incredible! One of the most important laws(don’t get me wrong, all the laws are important)is broken by Evolution! I know what you’re thinking. Creation breaks the law. Bonk! Wrong answer! Remember, because God is supernatural He can go outside of the laws of science. After all, if He created the universe, He created the laws with it. Atoms in turn, as the quote-unquote “Big Bang Theory” states, was the origin of everything and evolved into more things. This obviously breaks the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy.



Have you ever studied entropy? Entropy is the amount of disorder in the universe. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states:

“The amount of usable energy in the universe is decreasing.”

How then is it that in the theory of Evolution things went from disorganized to organized while this law clearly states that things are going from organized to disorganized.

Old-Aged Earth

Many things show that the earth is not of Old Age. Such as, if the sun is shrinking, and everything is billions of years old, wouldn’t the sun be kind of small? After all, don’t they say the sun was one of the first things to evolve? And even then, if the earth was even 25,000 years old(a small fraction of billions of years)all bodies of water(including oceans) would be dried up off the face of the earth!


Everything in the Bible lines up with everything happening. A true historian can’t deny the fact that David was once king and his son Solomon was also once king. A true historian can’t deny that Jesus walked and died on the cross for our sins on this Earth. If you’ve ever caught a Evolutionist off guard, you could see that the whole theory of Evolution would change.

Thanks for reading and stay checking up for more articles to come!

What is a Peace sign???


When I say what is a peace sign I don’t mean your index finger and middle finger up making a two. I’m talking about the sign with the circle and stuff. That sign is a upside down broken cross. It’s basically a mockery of the cross. Is the peace sign cool now???


Here’s a peace sign, that’s not a mockery of the cross: Click here to save this picture(click it then right click the picture and select save)!!!

Hint: You could put this on a shirt!!!   peace

The Testimony:Mario


The Testimony:Mario

Welcome to my experience with Mario. My world used to be made of Mario. Everything was Mario, Mario, Mario!!! By reading the following list, you’ll see how much I was into Mario.


Many Mario Plush Toys

Mario DS Pens

Mario Yahtzee

Mario Notebook

9 Mario DS Games

4 Wii Mario Games



Here’s a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t be playing Mario.

Super Mario Bros.: Has Boos

Super Mario Bros. 2: Has Potions and Crystal Balls

Super Mario Bros. 3: Magic Spells

Super Mario Bros:The Lost Levels: Has Boos(I think)

Mario Party 1-9: I think has Magic in all of them

New Super Mario Bros. Ds: Has Boos and maybe magic

New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii U and New Super Luigi Wii U: Has spells and Boos

These are only some of the Mario titles.

It was my choice whether or not I could play Mario.

My response?

And I quote(myself)”I don’t think we should play Mario”.

At first I had said “I don’t know”.

Then I said what’s above a little bit later.

I wanted to play Mario, but I wanted to be able to say “I’m doing this for God”.

What really made me and my family decide the giant No about Mario was this stunning info.


The Japanese word “Daimao”(really Japenese characters) is translated in Google Translate(by the way, the translation below is in Chinese):


This is it in Chinese. It detects Chinese but in Japanese it’s this(which I didn’t discover it was translating to Chinese until I was writing this Testimony):



My reaction(to the Chinese) was “What??? After all these years???”

That was just Bowser.

Let’s take a look at the cute and cuddly(until you read this information) Yoshi.


But here is the really bad part about Yoshi.


Yes, Yoshi is a dinosaur but the inspiration came from a dragon and also because it came from a game called Devil World.

Koopa Troopa?


Take a look.KoopaWikipedia

Based Upon a Mythical creature???

My birthday wasn’t that long ago, and I received a Wii U. Ok, in my family anything we get gets the complete rundown. We tried 3, count them 1, 2, 3, and they all had something wrong with it.

I believe God did this so that we wouldn’t be stuck with a Wii U we couldn’t play Mario games on.

You know, I heard of or met some people that never heard of a Wii or DS or don’t have one. I for one thought that was strange. But now that I think about it, it was a blessing. It was a blessing that they didn’t become attached to it or played it. It was also a blessing because it came from God.

Thanks for reading my testimony!!!

Credit to Wikipedia and Google Translate

Disney:Cute and Cuddly at First

Disney… We grew up and are still today watching Disney movies and shows. We all know that Disney’ saying is, “Where the magic begins”. If that isn’t the truth. Because Disney is so popular the first movie you ever watched was probably a Disney movie. Most Christians today will most likely say “Oh, it’s harmless.” But really, it’s not. Disney is probably the first place where you heard the word “magic”. Alas, the incentive or “seed” for magic probably starts with Disney. With me and my family it was “You understand it’s not real right?” It was a compromise. Not until recently have we truly understood that we shouldn’t watch those movies with the magic in it. We also don’t watch other movies with magic in it. “Harmless” Disney movies could turn into the practice of crystal balls, black magic, or any other form of magic or sorcery(which the Bible forbids). Believe me, I know it’s hard. But, this world is temporary. I definitely won’t be going back to Disney world or land again. God saved me and my family a lot of money and hassle.

Hand not the Wrist



Hand not the wrist, is a document with evidence stating that the nails were put into Jesus’ hands and not his wrists. Some people may say that they were put into the wrist, but the wrist is not a part of the hand. Refering to the picture above, the wrist is all bones and not hollow. As the scriptures say in John 19:36 “For these things were done, that the scripture should be fulfilled, A bone of him shall not be broken.” None of Jesus’ bones were broken and the scripture says in Psalm 22:16 “For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet.”. The first pointer would be the hands. The wrist is not a part of the hand and has no hollowness to it. There is hollowness inbetween the Radius and the Ulna, but that is definetly not part of the hand.

The hand is hollow all in between the finger bones, therefore making it possible to put a nail through the hand, without breaking any bones.

And Yes, translated from Hebrew to English in Google Translate, hands from Psalm 22:16 is hand.

Take a look.



Credit to Google Translate and Blue Letter Bible.



Hello!!! This is my first post and I am SO excited. Let’s gather together brothers and sisters!!! Now’s the time to preach(and also learn yourself)the gospel to the whole ends of the earth!! ON FIRE FOR GOD!!!