Disney:Cute and Cuddly at First

Disney… We grew up and are still today watching Disney movies and shows. We all know that Disney’ saying is, “Where the magic begins”. If that isn’t the truth. Because Disney is so popular the first movie you ever watched was probably a Disney movie. Most Christians today will most likely say “Oh, it’s harmless.” But really, it’s not. Disney is probably the first place where you heard the word “magic”. Alas, the incentive or “seed” for magic probably starts with Disney. With me and my family it was “You understand it’s not real right?” It was a compromise. Not until recently have we truly understood that we shouldn’t watch those movies with the magic in it. We also don’t watch other movies with magic in it. “Harmless” Disney movies could turn into the practice of crystal balls, black magic, or any other form of magic or sorcery(which the Bible forbids). Believe me, I know it’s hard. But, this world is temporary. I definitely won’t be going back to Disney world or land again. God saved me and my family a lot of money and hassle.

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