The Testimony:Mario


The Testimony:Mario

Welcome to my experience with Mario. My world used to be made of Mario. Everything was Mario, Mario, Mario!!! By reading the following list, you’ll see how much I was into Mario.


Many Mario Plush Toys

Mario DS Pens

Mario Yahtzee

Mario Notebook

9 Mario DS Games

4 Wii Mario Games



Here’s a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t be playing Mario.

Super Mario Bros.: Has Boos

Super Mario Bros. 2: Has Potions and Crystal Balls

Super Mario Bros. 3: Magic Spells

Super Mario Bros:The Lost Levels: Has Boos(I think)

Mario Party 1-9: I think has Magic in all of them

New Super Mario Bros. Ds: Has Boos and maybe magic

New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii U and New Super Luigi Wii U: Has spells and Boos

These are only some of the Mario titles.

It was my choice whether or not I could play Mario.

My response?

And I quote(myself)”I don’t think we should play Mario”.

At first I had said “I don’t know”.

Then I said what’s above a little bit later.

I wanted to play Mario, but I wanted to be able to say “I’m doing this for God”.

What really made me and my family decide the giant No about Mario was this stunning info.


The Japanese word “Daimao”(really Japenese characters) is translated in Google Translate(by the way, the translation below is in Chinese):


This is it in Chinese. It detects Chinese but in Japanese it’s this(which I didn’t discover it was translating to Chinese until I was writing this Testimony):



My reaction(to the Chinese) was “What??? After all these years???”

That was just Bowser.

Let’s take a look at the cute and cuddly(until you read this information) Yoshi.


But here is the really bad part about Yoshi.


Yes, Yoshi is a dinosaur but the inspiration came from a dragon and also because it came from a game called Devil World.

Koopa Troopa?


Take a look.KoopaWikipedia

Based Upon a Mythical creature???

My birthday wasn’t that long ago, and I received a Wii U. Ok, in my family anything we get gets the complete rundown. We tried 3, count them 1, 2, 3, and they all had something wrong with it.

I believe God did this so that we wouldn’t be stuck with a Wii U we couldn’t play Mario games on.

You know, I heard of or met some people that never heard of a Wii or DS or don’t have one. I for one thought that was strange. But now that I think about it, it was a blessing. It was a blessing that they didn’t become attached to it or played it. It was also a blessing because it came from God.

Thanks for reading my testimony!!!

Credit to Wikipedia and Google Translate

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